Mobile Websites for Every Device – Mobile, Tablet, Computer, TV

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Why should I have a responsive design for my website?

  • One website works for thousands of different screens and devices.
  • Your website provides better search engine optimization and search results across all devices.
  • One responsive website works on any platform, e.g. iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry.
  • Mobile, Tablet, Computer, TV – a single responsive website design for all.

Responsive design is the most effective way to take advantage of your mobile traffic and increase conversions because the same page is served to all devices and results in better Google search performance.

Mobile-Friendly Websites and Google

From April 21, 2015 Google implemented changes to its search algorithm to boost the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results. Here is the Google announcement on Tuesday April 21, 2015 »

If your website is not mobile-friendly it will be pushed down the search results to appear below websites that are mobile-friendly.

Mobile Websites


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